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My Brother, Nasse...

I lost my brother, Nasser, in the Iran-Iraq war. He always liked to play soccer with his friends. Now, neither he nor any of his friends are alive. The loss of my brother, and his friends whom I also loved as brothers, is a strange feeling. My mother, the angel of my life, would cry even for the Iraqi soldiers. I dedicated the Death of Horses presentation to all who lost their lives in war. This presentation included a film, a live performance, and about 147 glass sculptures with frame, and another 27 glass sculptures with the blow process. All sculptures were donated to two charities for homeless women and children.
To start, a man in black dress appeared from under a black umbrella and picked up the bust of a white horse’s head that had some cloth pieces inside. The man started a performance with primitive music and smashed the horse head on the ground, broke it, and spread the contents out. Then a woman dressed in white appeared with a white umbrella, and presented the cloth pieces from the horse’s head to the audience. When people entered the exhibition a film was shown in which healthy horses would fall to the ground and got killed!!!
With the audience shocked, I presented under red lights a collection of heads of horses, with several horse heads also hanging from the ceilings.
Many objected, and I would answer “War is real. What do you expect? We allow our kids to play computer war games and get high scores for killing. Is it not us who predispose them for murder?”
It is quite clear that we cannot stand the killing of a single horse; how is it then that we tolerate so easily the killing of humans throughout the world?

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