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Ice Arrangement

(Conceptual Work)

Water, Life Co-Created - Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, 2001 (1380, Sh)

This arrangement is the result of my seven years of collaboration with a fellow artist friend, Raabe-e Esmail Tabar. Water is considered to be one of four main elements in Iranian old culture. In attempting to create representative models of the concept of water, we tried arrangements of sheepskin, PVC, metal, and even flasks, among other things. Finally we arrived at a desirable shape, the cube. We decided to place red apples inside each cube of ice. Red apple, in ancient Iranian culture, was a symbol of love, and it is still present as such today, with the haft-seen arrangements in people’s homes every Spring at Persian New Year celebrations.

One of our exhibits was in Javadieh (a district in south Tehran), two others were at Tehran University (Tehran Gallery), and four other presentations at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. All exhibitions were by popular demand.

I am a puzzle to some people. Why?!

My art works, from paintings to performance to visual arrangements, and so on, are varied and different. Many art brokers criticize me for not concentrating on one subject or a line of work, but I have always objected. I want to express my feelings in this very fashion. I have struggled so many years to reach this freedom. Even my paintings are not enough to contain me. More importantly, I do not want to repeat myself. I am after freshness and renewal. I want to remain different, and keep trying, to create new aspects of art. Maybe one day I would again follow a path that I followed once in the past, but I am sure I do not want to do that today.

I praise the human artistic heritage. I have used that as a window to connect to the outside world. I express my feelings, like a child, as they are, and will do so to the end. I hope my recounting of feelings would not be a surprise to those whom I address. I am a storyteller, revealing her mind.

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